Apple Will Not Axe MacBook Air 2016; Release Coming Soon?

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MacBook Air 2016
MacBook Air 2016

Apple has not confirmed the release of MacBook Air 2016 yet. However, the iPhone maker indirectly hinted at the existence of this device.

While many expected Apple representatives to speak about the MacBook series at the September 7 event where the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus were introduced, the tech giant evaded the topic altogether. So far, there is no word on the notebooks as well as the tablets.

The current expectation is that Apple will introduce the MacBook Air 2016 and MacBook Pro 2016 at a special event scheduled for October. Last week, Apple CEO Tim Cook replied back to a query posed by an eager fan. He wanted to know if Apple is planning to retire the Mac lineup.

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Surprisingly, not some Apple representative, but Cook himself responded back saying, ?I love the Mac.? He also noted that Apple is very committed to this series. Cook further asked the fan to wait for the announcement.

This means Apple has definitely lined up the MacBook Air 2016 variant for release. Sure, the iPhone maker did not specify Air or Pro but leaving it generic means both devices could be in the offing.

MacBook Air 2016

At the same time, other rumors say that while the Pro model may get a replacement, the Air variant may not materialize. However, TheBitbag team feels that Apple will release the successors of both models.

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Interestingly, some tech portals have already started talking about the MacBook Air 2017. This is because some sources are pointing to an early 2017 release.

When it comes to rumored specifications and features, the MacBook Air 2016 will reportedly come with a fingerprint recognition mechanism and Siri support. Apple has apparently improved the cooling system, which will also help improve the overall notebook performance.

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Also, expect a much-better battery, RAM and GPU this time around. Under the hood, Intel?s Skylake chipset will likely power the Air and Pro variants. However, past rumors say Kaby Lake processor is also a possibility. This might be true if the release date is earmarked for 2017.

Some rumors in the past suggested that, similar to the iPad Pro lineup, Apple might add a stylus to the Air variant. However, we must admit this feature may not come true.

Speaking of price, the MacBook Air 2016 will apparently set the buyers back in the ambit of $899 and $999.

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