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?Apple Watch? Update: OS2 Update To Include W-fi Recollection, Watch Now Independent From Phone? (Rumors)

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With unconvinced users sharing their dismay on Apple?s new watch, the company intends to set the records straight and fix their mishaps with the Apple Watch including more updates for their watchOS2, according to Business Insider. Among the most common criticisms given by Reviewers, the Apple Watch have been slated to launch slow apps and has become an expensive inconvenience that still requires you to keep your iPhone nearby, so some of the improvements from the watch that Apple announced in June have been served to address these situations, shared by Business Insider.

Independent Apple Watch

Reports from Business Insider states that apps will now have native access to the watch, meaning applications will be able to run by itself rather than ?constantly communicating with your phone.? It will be able to load faster and easier since the watch won?t have to rely on your phone as often when receiving data.

Wi-Fi connectivity recollection

The Apple Watch will now be able to remember Wi-Fi connections from previously connected signals with your iPhone, shared by Business Insider. So if you leave your iPhone somewhere, ?you?ll be able to access certain functions on the watch, such as sending iMessages and asking Siri questions.? But it doesn?t mean that the watch can be completely independent from the iPhone, the user must still have the phone nearby in order to do more things with the Apple Watch, posted by Business Insider.

Previous apps of the Apple Watch will also get new features in the new watchos2 from Applle such as Dark Sky, the popular weather app that delivers the temperature and outdoor conditions, adding a heart-rate sensor and additional functions like gentle vibrations to your wrist when receiving notifications. Slow and sure steps from Apple may take on them on the right track to making the watch more useful and give the Apple Watch update the kick it needs to become a hit product.

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