Apple Watch to fetch a Hefty Price as Debut nears

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One of the more awaited tech today, Apple has debuted their smart watch to people looking to buy anything with an ?Apple? logo on it. It?s actually a pretty smart piece of tech, however, and people are lucky to have been able to get one of these babies on them. Apple has also been pretty lucky, as the device could guarantee them at least a foothold to be able to get one over their closest rival, Korean smartphone company Samsung.

We?re going to take a look at some articles chronicling the arrival of the Apple watch.

March 9 is an event to be watched out for, as per E-Week. According to the article, a special event is going to be hosted by Apple on the said date. It?s title, ?Spring Forward?, gives out partial hints about the smart watch and what people can expect to get from it. Also, we take a look at a Forbes article which brings more information about the said smart watch?apparently, Apple?s smart watch is going to cost at least the same or a lot more than their smart phones.

March 9 a Red-letter Date

Apple seems to be teasing the next big thing since the arrival of the iPhone?their own smart watch variant.

Media outlets, as per E-Week, were lucky enough to receive an invitation to the said event by Apple. These invitations contained the words ?Spring forward? which, as per E-Week, was an allusion to the smart watch. Last September 2014, Apple began building the hype about their smart watch culminating to this event, where people hope to get at least a glimpse of the newest Apple product to hit the market.

The battle between Android and Apple aside, perhaps their smart watch contains innovative new technologies which they have developed. It?s either that or?if it doesn?t contain anything to wow the market away?then the $349 price tag seems a price too big to pay for something which isn?t out-of-the-ordinary.

Apple Watch to cost an arm and a leg?

As per Forbes, Apple seems to be targeting the upper rung of the social class. Their smart watch looks too expensive to handle by some segments.

The Apple watch, starting at $349, is rumored to pack a price tag of about $5k?that is, if you?re buying one of the versions of the watch, which carries about 29.26g of gold, as per Forbes. According to the article, that adds about $1200 worth of value to the Watch Edition, a variant of the Apple Watch which contains actual gold in the frame. That?s a big sum of money, and definitely something rich and famous-wannabes would want to pick up and brag about on social media.

Having this watch would show just how much Apple is seriously considering the competition. Will it leave others like Samsung in the dust, or will those companies have nothing to worry about Apple?s newest addition to the family?

Apple becoming a glamour brand?

It looks as if Apple is positioning themselves as the choice of gadget for only the powerful and the well-equipped. With their iPhone 6 still commanding a hefty price, Apple?s watch will once again be a tool of decadence?a product which braggarts would want to show off to the drooling masses to remind them of their incapability to afford the finer things in life. Simply put, it?s another gadget that could serve as bait for people who want to show off.


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