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Apple Watch SRP- Too Pricey or Not?

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Image source Wikimedia Commons By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Is this going to be the final selling retail price for the Apple Watch? If yes then this is one pricey gadget

Apple Watch is an upcoming device from Apple that is believed to be set to release this coming April.

Recent news for the device suggests that, the selling price?or the estimated selling price rather?might be incorrect and it might be more expensive than what we all previously thought.

Apple Watch average selling price (ASP) is a bit more expensive than previously thought

Latest report from businessinsider suggests that, the price for the upcoming Apple Watch is going to be much more expensive than the previous estimation.

According to Piper Jaffray [via businessinsider], the analyst believes that the selling price for the device?is going to cost a bit more than the previously estimated price of ?325 ($500), and will increase to almost as close as ?400.

That is only for the mid-range edition. As for the higher one, the luxurious model, he claims that it will going to be released for a price of ?4,800 ($7,500). That is ?1,550 more than the previously forecasted price ?3,250 ($4,000)! However, it was said on the report from business insider that, people are speculating about the price of the gold edition and?they believe that the cost for the device will reach as high as $10,000.

Piper Jaffray explains why the huge increase in selling retail price

The analyst explains that, just like the iPhone models from Apple, the iWatch will also have a few add-ons to go along with the device like different bands and/or possibly cases.

Piper Jaffray explains the increase for the Sport Model version of the Watch, he said to business insider, ?We believe that the interchangeable bands on the Apple Watch are a key feature that Apple will promote heavily. Based on pricing of the Apple-made silicon cases for iPhone 6 at $35, we believe that the company’s Apple Watch Sport elastomer bands are likely to start in the same range ($29-39)?.

As always, these prices are still uncertain or not yet official. Who knows, Apple might tweak the price for its consumers to a more reasonable one but we?ll never know until they have officially announced it.

Image source?Wikimedia Commons

By Apple, Inc. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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