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Apple Watch Series 3 Coming This September – Report

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Apple Watch Series 3 rumored September launch

Every year, the smartwatch industry gets bigger and bigger with the introduction of new products from various companies. Last year alone, Apple shipped around 12 million Apple Watches. This enabled the company to capture roughly half of the global market for smartwatches. While the Apple Watch Series 2 is still relatively new, there are rumors now that the Apple Watch Series 3 is coming very soon.

According to Digitimes, Apple has acquired a new supplier for the Apple Watch. This new supplier, Compal, will be in charge of manufacturing current models of the Apple Watch as well as the Series 3 version. Furthermore, Compal will start shipping finished products sometime in the second half of 2017.

This bit of news led many to believe that Apple could be unveiling a new Apple Watch sometime in September. There is a high chance that the said release will coincide with the launch of this year’s iPhone upgrades. Unfortunately, both Compal and Apple declined to comment on the report.

Apple Watch Series 3 rumored September launch

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At the moment, very little is known about the Apple Watch Series 3. So far, a number of reports point to a newer display technology. The new smartwatch is said to use the new micro-LED display instead of the current OLED panel. This new display technology is much brighter and thinner than the current display used on the Series 2. This will enable Apple to reduce the overall thickness of the upcoming watch a bit further if it chooses this new display technology.

Another rumored spec for the Apple Watch Series 3 is the inclusion of an LTE module. This new hardware will make it possible for the Apple Watch to not rely on a mobile device in terms of data and network connectivity.

Unfortunately, these are but rumors based on the market and supply chain movements. There are no ways of knowing whether Apple would indeed go for these improvements. However, on the Series, 2, it was speculated that it will include a GPS chip on release, and it did. Therefore, going with this way of thinking, it is also possible that Apple will finally include an LTE module on the Apple Watch Series 3. For more updates on the Apple Watch Series 3, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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