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Apple Watch Sales Down 90%: And We Think We Know Why

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Apple Sales slump
Apple Watch Sales slide down 90%

The Apple Watch popularity slides face down to a dismal 90% in sales since its April 10 launch. That means out of the initial sale of 200,000 watches a day, the Tech giant now barely scrapes by with 10,000 units. This is according to independent monitoring team, Slice Intelligence.

According to Slice, they came to this conclusion by monitoring e-mail receipts of different consumer goods to monitor market movement. Most of the time, Fortune 500 companies get their services for market research. And based on their latest research, there are quite a few Apple Watch sales going on.

Even Wall Street is having trouble getting feedback from Apple regarding the sales of their smartwatch. The company, which in the past has updated Wall Street on the sales of new products soon after the launch, has yet to release any numbers about the watch.

The watch had so much potential a few months back, with some pundits labeling it as the most advanced piece of wearable technology that will make it in the mainstream market. So what happened?

Here are some of our theories:

Apple Watch is too expensive

Almost two-thirds of the Apple Watch sale comes from its entry-level model, Sport, which is $200 less than the mid-range watch and $9600 less than the luxury Watch Edition.

This means that prices of these gadgets are quite limiting, and is a very big factor of why sales could have gone down. Competitors like Android watches are being sold at slightly lower prices and some are saying that these counterparts function better than Apple Watch.

It?s not an iPod

Remember the time when iPods worked perfectly as our own personal time keeper? Well the iPod is gone, and the same can?t be said with the Smart Watch, meaning that the music experience with an Apple Watch is quite dismal. Its rather small screen can be faulted, but the Apple Nano also had a limiting face, but it can display music quite well.

You double your effort with a Smart Watch

An Apple Watch is definitely not the same as your trusted wristwatch. You have to let your watch ?know? that you?re looking at it for the time, which means shrugging harder, and gesturing looking at the watch more ? such a hassle for such a basic function.

It?s not handy

Instead of being a reliable gadget, you have to put so much attention to making the watch work for you. It?s difficult to navigate, and replying to your messages can be a real bitch. And for some reason, Siri doesn?tfunction as well compared to when you?re using your mobile phone, so she?s not a big help.

It?s poor in keeping track of your fitness routine

Compared to competitors like fitness watches like Fitbit, Apple Watch is a poor and expensive alternative if you?re looking for a gadget to keep track of your stats and workout regimen.

It?s not Steve Jobs

Apple Watch is the first Apple product conceptualized without the genius of Steve Jobs, so many are left wanting when it comes to a streamlined innovation.

Of course, people still believe that Apple will rise up from this Apple Watch slump. Afterall, even their formidable iPhone enjoys millions in sale for the first few months, and will eventually drop to as much as 80 percent once the hype dies down.

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