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Apple Watch Receives A Price Cut: Is Apple watch 2 On Its Way?

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Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2 launch is likely to happen very soon. This, because the existing models have received a price cut. Check out the details here.

Now, you can have the Apple Watch Sport 38-mm for $199 from Best Buy. While the Apple Watch Sport 42-mm is priced at $299.

The wearable gadget sports a space grey anodized aluminum case, Ion-X glass, retina display with Force Touch, composite back and digital crown. It has also packed wonderful sensors like the heart rate sensor and the accelerometer. Other features are gyroscope, ambient light sensor and speaker and microphone. The Apple watch is also equipped with Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz). It is also splash and water resistant but not waterproof. This means that the user can wear the Apple Watch while exercising and while washing hands but the gadget should not be submerged. The discounted Apple watch also comes with a one year warranty.

Apple Watch 2 Features: What We Know So Far?

According to ValueWalk, the Apple Watch 2 will utilize a ?One Glass Solution? display (OGS) instead of a Glass/Glass (G/G) display. So, the brand can eliminate one glass layer from the display which was used in the original Apple Watch. Those layers of glass will be replaced by a thinner material. It will create a lot of space. Apple’s decision will also reduce the weight of the gadget.

Apple Watch 2 will be powered by the S2 processor, which is manufactured by TSMC. The Apple Watch 2 is not likely to pack smart bands. The previous band had awesome health sensors in it. It was one of the best features of the Apple Watch Original. ?One great example is [when] I went to a meeting and said I?m going to put sensors in the watch but I?m going to put them down here (he points to the underside of the Apple Watch band he?s wearing) because I can get a more accurate reading on the bottom of the wrist than I can get on the top of the wrist. They (the Industrial Design group) said very quickly that ?that?s not the design trend; that?s not the fashion trend. We want to have interchangeable bands so we don?t want to have any sensors in the band,? Apple employee Bob Messerschmidt said. He was one of the designers of Apple Watch Original?s heart rate sensor.

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