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Apple Watch Pros & Cons: 4 Reasons Why You (Don’t) Need To Buy The Apple Watch

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Will the Apple Watch end it up being the great little gadget it?s cracked up to be? (Image courtesy of Apple)

The Apple Watch has yet to reach store shelves and people (i.e. Apple fans) are expected to go all out crazy when the Cupertino-based tech giant finally makes it available. If you?re among those who don?t want to wait for the device, chances are you already have a smartwatch strapped on your wrist (and its probably one of these).

But if you?re determined to stick to the iOS platform and wait for the Apple Watch, here are a few things you can ponder over. We?ve compiled a short list of reasons why you would want or not want to buy the upcoming wearable.

A taste of the future


You?ll surely love the Apple Watch if you?re a fan of everything futuristic. Apple is known to release elegantly-designed devices with game-changing features. Even if it ends up with disappointing specs, we?re pretty sure many users won?t mind wearing it due to its premium aesthetics. See these images for yourself if you want to have an idea of what we?re talking about. Head here to know more of device?s features.


Perhaps it?s better to wait for the second-generation Apple Watch if you like it to sport more features. Although Apple had launched products with state of the art features, it has the tendency to keep those features to a minimum and save some for the next iteration.

Of money and bragging rights


When the first iPhone was released, it changed everything. Now, the tech giant is planning to invade another frontier and tech watchers are expecting that it will have the same effect. If you have the money, then this won?t be an issue for you. The Apple Watch?s price is slated to start at $349 and if it delivers everything it promised, then it would certainly be a very good value for money. Did we mention about its captivating design? There?s no doubt you would enjoy lots of glances when you decide to be an early adopter and rock the cool smartwatch in public.


Well, everyone has their own definition of ?expensive? and things with great ?value for money.? If you think that you?re better off spending half that $300 for a decent, regular watch and saving the rest is more sensible, that?s your choice (and we also believe that a lot of others share the same thought). Also, not everyone love the attention. Certainly not those that would come from snatchers and thieves.

You love (hate) the iPhone


Well, this is easy. If you really love the iPhone and iOS software, then the Apple Watch would be ?an awesome accessory to go with it. You?ll easily see all messages and notification without pulling out your iPhone and you?ll get to monitor your health all the time.


This smartwatch won?t be of much use if you don?t have an iPhone. Of course, Apple will never provide Android support and most of its functions unless you pair it with an Internet-connected iPhone.

You already own and wear a watch everyday


Even though you don?t plan on wearing it everyday, this would be a great addition to your collection. Perhaps you can alternate it with your classic Rolex and use it while you?re biking or jogging around the park. Either way, it?s nice to have a piece of tech history and gaze at it in your antique shelf 30 years from now.


Speaking of antiques, the Apple Watch obviously won?t be relevant 30 years from now. It may still work but it won?t have any meaningful use. On other hand, if you opted to spend money for a handful of those well-made mechanical Swiss wristwatch models, then you would have a collection that you can pass on to the next generation (and would still be elegant and useful).


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