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Apple Watch OS2: What’s The Deal?

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What?s the deal with the Apple Watch OS2?

A new operating system for the Apple Watch will be arriving this September, so what do you need to know about the latest OS?

The latest Operating System will include?more features?that lets different apps work on the Apple Watch, so here are the newest features.

The Facebook Messenger app will now let you send messages, or even audio clips to the messenger and also share your location straight from your wrist.

The GoPro app will let you use the smartwatch as a viewfinder, no matter where your GoPro camera is located, it will still show the video feed on what it is capturing straight to the Apple Watch.

The iTranslate app will let you translate over 90 languages by just speaking to the smartwatch.

And now Apple is changing their WatchKit tool for developers, and it was already implemented last June. The changes allow the apps to run directly to the device, where previously all apps must run through the iPhone, then will be connected to the Apple Watch. Now with the improvements on the tool kit, developers can now access to the Apple Watch?s different features such as Taptic Engine, Digital Crown, etc., which now allows faster app performance and more compatibilities to the device. Also a new feature called the Airstrip will be feature to the new OS, this can be a tool for doctors to communicate with their patients. Aside from the added features, there will be improvements on the already available functions, such as a much improved Siri, public transports will now appear on maps and new watch faces. So far there are over 10,000 Apple Watch apps available on the App Store.

The Apple Watch OS2 will be available on?September 16, and just like with the other Apple OS updates, this update will be free of charge


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