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Apple Watch: Online Clamor but State-to-State crowds did not Impress

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Wasn?t there noise from?people online creating buzz about?the new Apple watch?

The Apple watch, the acclaimed most valuable company’s?latest innovation/money-maker, impressed many?users in the Internet. As WMC Action News 5 reports, customers online reacted briskly?by placing their orders as soon as Apple announced that they would be taking orders for the watch. The reaction in the real world, however, didn?t imitate what occurred in?the online world.

Lines were missing at most stores, even in different states. Reports coming in from the Fresno Bee, the Herald Tribune, and Bloomberg covered the curious case of dwindling crowds in Apple unveilings. However, as some might believe, it might not all be bad for Apple. Most shoppers could?ve chosen to do their shopping online, but was that a case? We?ll take a closer look at what happened during Sale Day.

A Long List of Online Enthusiasts

The signs appear that the Apple Watch is well on its way to becoming a fixture in every household.

Unlike any other Apple product, the Apple Watch took to the online market with such a storm that the watches were already sold-out on just the first day, according to WMC Action News 5. The clamor was so big that Apple had to keep up with the orders. With the volume of orders,?the first shipping date for many of these orders would be in June at the earliest.

Customers were enjoying the watch?s features so far. One customer, student Victor Leung, was on hand to give comments. According to him the watch was ?awesome?, and that you could ?get texts on your watch, make phone calls?. It?s a watch that, if James Bond were ever alive, he was sure to get. Furthermore, the watch was enough to make customers like Leung declare that ?Apple is different.”

Trouble with Real-Time Orders

Apple may have jumped the gun too soon.

While the situation with online orders seem to be under control, the same couldn?t be said with real-time orders. If customers walked into an Apple store, the only thing they would be able to do was to try out the watch, and then place an order either at the store or online. The news from Herald Tribune says that customers in Sarasota had dwindled by noon, and none of them could take an Apple watch home?the most they could do was try it out.

The same was the case in Apple?s NY Fifth Avenue store, where Kishin Manglani tried the Apple watch out. According to Bloomberg, the shop was not as filled as Manglani would?ve liked, and the same thing happened: customers can try the watch out, but can never leave with one from the store.

Marketing Ploy

The things that happened?regarding the Apple Watch could be part of the company?s marketing ploy. It could either be a way of making people more hyped about the watch?when they finally have the product in their hands, it will actually appear to be more than what they paid for. It could also be a way of spreading more awareness about the product to reel in casual customers who have yet to decide for themselves. Whatever the case, Apple appears to know what they?re doing, so the worrying factor may be out of hand or uncalled for.


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