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Apple Watch News: Leaked Features and Release Notes

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The Apple Watch is Apple?s newest toy. So far, it?s been leaked endlessly and discussed in social networks at length. The watch boasts of a lot of features, and as per IT Pro UK, it seems that it will be a doozy. As per the article, the watch will have a ?Power Reserve? mode, among others?perhaps a feature to make it able to ride along with the current wave of battery conserving smartphones coming out today. It?s also rumored to come in a package costing around $349.

Here?s where things gets interesting.

In a bid perhaps to keep people interested in the Apple Watch and to keep the hype going, Apple will start to market the Apple Watch sometime in April. That should help Apple to keep their dominance in the smartwatch field, and perhaps keep people coming back for more. Never mind that the watch costs an arm and a leg?as per The Next Web?s report, it will be launching in other Western countries pretty soon. Let?s take a look at these reports.

Apple Watch?s Leaked Features

A lot of features have come out since Apple decided to let a few information about their Watch drop.

Apple has leaked features of the Apple Watch, which is set to come out sometime in the coming months. The Apple Watch boasts of three versions, the most expensive of which is rumored to have actual golden designs. As per IT Pro UK, it functions first and foremost as a really high-class and deadly-accurate watch. Communication and health-monitoring tools, as per IT Pro, will also make the watch a wanted and hot commodity.

The smartwatch, however, appears to be having troubles as to its release. While it was initially billed as coming in early 2015, the website of Apple opted to change that into ?coming in 2015?.

When will it roll out?

Apple?s limited initial release of the Apple Watch reminds one of its release with the iPhone and the iPad before.

Now, Apple is releasing the Apple Watch into the international market?in particular, Western countries, perhaps?sometime later after its launch in the US, as per The Next Web. This might include the Western countries first, before the release moves on into Asian territories as they begin to see how people reacts to their smartwatch. It?s a smart strategy reminiscent of video game releases in Japan.

Taking it slow and steady seems to be the key movement for Apple, whose watch is seen as innovative and something that people will look forward to, especially since it has three versions?one of which features golden trapping on it.

Apple?s Smart Watch Arrival

As people are waiting for its smart watch, they would do well to be present during Apple?s next event. The event is schedule for the 9th of March, and as it appears, it might also feature Apple?s information regarding the launch of the Apple Smartwatch.


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