Apple Watch Market Forecast: Analyst Sees 20 Million Units Sold by End of 2015

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The Apple Watch is expected to rake in revenues this year as anticipation for Apple?s first wearable hits an all time high. In fact, in a statement, CSS Insight Chief of Research Ben Wood said, ?The Apple Watch will be instrumental in taking the wearables market to the next level of growth. If successful, it’ll create a rising tide that will lift the whole market.”

The word ?if? is the operative word, because CSS Insight also warned that should the Apple Watch fail, the rest?of the wearable industry may also be affected.

How the Apple Watch will affect the market

The market research firm provided a few valid points to their forecast which they have carefully presented in their study titled ?Market Forecast: Wearables Worldwide, 2014-2018.?

Here are some of them:

  • The growth of wearable sales will have a ?spike? in 2015 with the release of Apple Watch. CSS Insight projected that the 29 million sales figures in 2014 will jump to 172 million in 2018 because of the rising popularity of smartwatch and fitness bands.
  • About 20 million Apple Watches will be sold by the end of the year with the bulk of sales coming from the U.S. market.
  • Non iPhone users have a lot of options to choose from, and the Apple Watch will just provide the ?halo effect? to other brands of wearables, again, if it becomes successful.
  • Smartwatches should watch out for fitness bands because, as CS Insight analyst George Jijiashvili, stated, “We expect sales of fitness and activity devices to double in 2015 to 40 million units. In contrast to many other commentators, we don’t believe smartwatches will dent sales of fitness products in the short term. Smart fitness devices do one thing and do it well: they measure activity with the goal of improving owners’ well-being. This, combined with lower retail prices, longer battery life and a strong head start in terms of adoption, suggests that these devices will outperform smartwatches for several years to come.”

The Apple Watch Release date and Price

Know Your Mobile has listed some of the important facts you need to know about the upcoming Apple Watch

Release date – Based on Tim Cook?s previous statement, April is the month when the Apple Watch will begin to ship; however, no exact date has been announced yet.

Price ? The Apple Watch will come in three variants: Watch (stainless) may be sold for around $500-$700; Apple Sport, around $350 while the Apple Watch Edition (18k gold plating) can be yours for $3000-$4000.

You can check out more information about the Apple Watch here.

Video via Apple‘s official YouTube channel.

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