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Apple Watch Launch Date: Device Available for Preorder Before April Release (Report)

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Apple Watch Photo (Apple Press Kit) https://www.apple.com/pr/products/apple-watch/Apple-Watch.html

Anticipation for the Apple Watch builds up as the company prepares for its April shipment roll out.

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed during Apple’s (AAPL) Q1 2015 Results – Earnings Call in January that, ?Development for Apple Watch is right on schedule and we expect to begin shipping in April.? He also added, ?Developers are hard at work on apps, notifications and information summaries that we call Glances, all designed specifically for the Watch’s user interface. The creativity and software innovation going on around Apple Watch is incredibly exciting and we can?t wait for our customers to experience them when Apple Watch becomes available.?

The whole transcript of the report is available via Seeking Alpha.

Pre-order rumor

All eyes are now set on the Mobile World Congress, happening on March 2-5 in Barcelona, Spain. There are several rumors claiming that the MacBook Air with Retina display and an iOS 8.2?update will be unveiled during the event.

It can be recalled that the iOS 8.2 beta shows an Apple Watch support, specifically in the Bluetooth Menu which 9to5Mac was able to discuss. The rumored launch in March, will provide more details into the highly talked about wearable which Apple deems its ?most personal device yet.?

PC Pro cited reports claiming that Apple will be accepting pre-orders towards the ?end of February and early March.? Industry watchers will reportedly get a glimpse of the Apple Watch Apps as well.

Apple Watch Hands on Experience

In late September, Ariel Adams of A Blog to Watch was able to review a prototype of the Apple Watch.

He provided a few important points that highlight how the Apple Watch will be game changer.

  1. He claimed that it is the ?first real ?cross-over watch??
  2. The price of the Apple Watch may range from $350 for the basic version, $1,000 for the steel Apple Watch while the The Apple Watch Edition in 18k gold may fetch from $5,000 to $10,000.
  3. Aside from buying directly from the Apple store, he speculated that the watch may also be sold in non-traditional outlets: department stores, jewellers, watch stores etc.
  4. The Apple Watch is essentially a watch but because of battery life constraints, the screen ?must be turned off most of the time,? he wrote. He claimed that the Apple Watch can last for a day.
  5. The user-interface experience is ?pretty good,? he described. He added that ?The Apple Watch combines both a touchscreen and a crown, along with an additional pusher on the case. The touchscreen is not multi-touch, but it does have a cool system that is able to differentiate between a short tap and a long press. This is really important in how you select and adjust various functions.?
  6. You can?t type into the Apple Watch. You would have to use Siri. The Apple Watch has built in microphone and speaker.
  7. While the Apple Watch works hand in hand with the iPhone, it can work independently, especially when you exercise. ?Using a series of sensors, such as an accelerometer (to measure movement), a pulsometer, and more, the Apple Watch will track your daily activities and offer suggestions that are designed to get?users?more ?active,?? he wrote.
  8. Don?t use it while swimming, Adams warned, since it is only ?splash resistant.?

These are just some of his observations. But, as speculations claim, more information will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

Meanwhile , check out?Adams’ review below via his YouTube channel,?aBlogtoWatch.com

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Image credit: Apple Watch Photo (Apple Press Kit)

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