Apple Watch Imitations: Knock-Offs Abound Online

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5487664120_a0edaa85c1_zApple has always had a problem with Chinese technology manufacturers, as they are now capitalizing on the next wave of gadgets from the company. Back in 2011, Chinese authorities found, much to their dismay, 22 fake Apple stores in the city of Kunming. In a report dated 12 August 2011, these stores were discovered after a blog post described Apple gadgets as? ? beautiful rip-off?.

Shutting down the stores was the first step Chinese authorities had done to address the issue of copyright. The shops were also strongly advised that these shops should stop using Apple logos as this is a violation of Chinese law. No further reports were disseminated as to any other action was taken on these ?pseudo-shops?.

Now, with the unveiling of the latest Apple gadget, the iWatch, the Chinese knock-off industry is now abuzz again. Even the country?s largest online store, Alibaba?s Taobao has listings for these knock-offs.? A post showed the cost of an ?Apple Watch? coded as AW08 at RMB239.00.? The unit strikes a very eerie resemblance to the new iWatch down to the ?digital crown? dials on sides of the device. The straps are also similar and the interface graphics are identical to the Apple device.

The said watch has other terms not found on the official Apple iWatch kit. ?This includes a longer battery life and the statement ?We are not apple watch. We are iWatch.?

Aside from the online store, the said watches found their way into the Consumer Electronics Show held in Las Vegas last January. The CES is the most awaited technology and gadgets showcase in the world. The knock-offs were first reported in Mashable and was purchased at just USD27 per unit, a far cry from the USD399 per unit of the real item. The manufacturer of the said watch was Shenzhen, China based Hyperdon and had dubbed it as a ?Smart Watch?.

The AW08 watch does not have the distinct features of the real Apple iWatch, such as communication via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, downloadable apps from the Apple Watch Store, connectivity between and amongst Apple Watches and the heart monitor located at the rear of the watch.

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