Apple Watch: How much does the Market Want it?

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2015 appears to be Apple?s year since the arrival of the Apple Watch.

They have owned that particular sector since their ?Spring Forward? event, and if the spring there refers to how they intend to start this year, then they?ve achieved that. So far, Apple?s new Apple Watch has been the talk of the town, especially the Apple Watch Edition which fetches a premium price for its gold and diamond encrusted designs. That?s not to say that other versions of the Apple Watch are poorly designed, such as the Apple Watch Sport.

There?s an interesting thing about the Apple Watch that came out recently on Daily Mail UK, and as it appears, people are warming up to the Watch just like that. While that is the case, that it needs an iPhone for it to work seems like a good marketing strategy for Apple?s iPhone brand. Another report from the MacWorld UK forums gives us a definite look at what apps we?re most likely to see when we encounter them finally.

Apple Owners likes Apple Watches


Apple is looking to surf a wave of something new?wearables that will become the device of the future, as per Daily Mail UK. As it appears, iPhone owners are all up in arms about the new Apple Watch, and per a survey that was done, about 39 percent of those asked were good to buy the new Apple Watch. Those are pretty good numbers, considering that the Apple Watch only arrived last week, and is still in the process of spreading information about itself.

Wearables seem to be arriving at the rate of one per company, and as it appears, at the rate they are coming out, these app watches will be part of the future of smartphones. That is, unless something happens that hinders their development.

Apps for Apple Watch

One of the coolest features of the Apple Watch, perhaps, is the apps that might be downloaded on it.

While they certainly do have standard features like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, there are other apps which are handy ones. The BMW Remote app, for instance, lets you control your car the way you want to. There?s also a PayByPhone Parking app, which lets you pay for a ticket online, as per MacWorld UK. Dark Sky and Runtastic feels like they could work side by side with Dark Sky letting you know if the weather?s good for a run with the Runtastic on.

All apps feel like they belong on the iPhone, but they certainly would do more good with the Apple Watch. It?s a nice watch that would do more than just help people realize the time, certainly.

Apple Watch Wonders

With the type of attention the Apple Watch receives, we?re all the more welcome to say that the Apple Watch is here to stay. What other innovations would the Apple Watch feature? Let?s take a look as more and more features of this new smart watch become available.


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