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Apple Watch Edition or the $10,000 Gold Edition: Should You Buy It?

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A look at the latest Apple Watch Edition (or the $10,000 Gold Edition) and if this gadget is worth it

Apple fans are probably in super hype mode because of the latest wearable gadget the company will release next month, the Apple Watch. The price for the normal, or the sports edition Watch starts at $349 while the most luxurious one, the Apple Watch Edition will start at a whopping $10,000.

Now that is one expensive wearable gadget, but one question we must ask ourselves before we decide on buying the Apple Watch Edition is, ?is this worth it??

Apple Watch Edition (or the Gold Edition that starts at $10,000), is this gadget from Apple worth the price?

Here are a few reasons why this device?or the gold, luxurious edition wearable gadget rather?is not worth it, according to The Verge?s list:

  • The price ? For a gadget that is worth $10,000, and not to mention that you have to upgrade it once every two years, is not totally worth it. You can?t pass it down to your grandchildren because by the time you do that, Apple would have probably launched another new device and will make the Apple Watch Edition obsolete.
  • Your security is at risk when walking down the street ? Yes, that is in fact true and as stated by The Verge, people will know that you are wearing an Apple Watch that is made from gold. High-end wristwatches are much safer compared to this one because there are only quite a few people who knows how to look at luxurious wristwatches like the ones Rolex have been making all these years.
  • You will only buy this because it is ?exclusive? ? Another good point to take in mind before deciding whether you should buy this ?exclusive? wearable gadget from Apple. It basically has the same features and specs like the normal Apple Watch but the only difference is that, this one is made from gold and the fact that Apple will only make a few of these makes it more enticing.
  • Collectors will probably skip this one ? Just like what I?ve said in the price section of this list, after a few years (possibly 10 years), Apple Watch Edition?s value will dissipate and will make it basically useless. The OS on that era will probably be more advanced compared to the one that is compatible with the current version of Watch. These are the reasons why this device won?t be considered as a ?collector?s edition?.

Conclusion whether you should buy the Apple Watch Edition

Personally, the Apple Watch Edition is totally not worth it because of the fact that, after 2 or 3 years, you will have to update it again by buying another one?which will probably cost a lot more than the one we have now?or upgrade its parts, if it is in any way possible.

So what about you? Do you think this device is totally worth it? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Copyright ? 2015 Apple Inc. All rights reserved.

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