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Apple Watch: Designer Problems and Over-pricing

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Apple came up with another product that should part Apple die-hards with their hard-earned money.

Enter the Apple Watch. It?s the latest gadget off of Apple?s factories. Like any other watch, it can tell the time, but not much is known about it just yet?save that it?s got the loftiest prices out of any of Apple?s products. That?s a pretty great way of making more profit, even if it?s just for a sophisticated watch. Don?t get started on the ?Edition? smartwatch, though?that smartwatch you can get for a princely sum.

We take a look at this report from Mashable, which shows just how much the Apple Watch costs. For starters, you can get a watch?the Sport Band?for as low as $49. The higher-end bands, the Apple Watch and the Apple Watch Edition, will be an entirely different matter. Also, we take a look at this report from the Guardian about what Jony Ive has to say so far about the Apple Watch and its design.

Apple Watch Arrival

Apple has priced their watches in a considerable way as to what consumers can afford, as per Mashable.

In the report, the watch variants are priced aptly?the Sport band costs around $49, while the other bands for the Apple Watch, including the Apple Watch Edition, costs around $149, $249, and $449 respectively. That?s not to mention the price for the golden Apple Watch Edition, which could go as high as $10000, no thanks to the gold plating surrounding the said watch.

While the Apple Watch is aptly designed according to usage, it?s also designed based on what you can afford. Call it an indication of social classes, if you will, but Apple clearly knew what they were doing when they released the Watches. As per Mashable, classic Apple is at full play in the event.

Jony Ive Speaks Apple

Jony Ive was quick to come in defense of the latest Apple Watch.

Speaking to The Guardian, Ive explained the functionality of the Watch. While the Watch was built to tell the time, it?s also a functioning remote phone, in that you won?t have to bring your phone out anymore to look at it?the Watch already does that for you. He is also very critical of how the Watch will sell, as per The Guardian, although he is optimistic that the Watch will become one of Apple?s defining products.

Ive seems to know what he?s talking about, although he does have a point. No more will users get their phones out just to check the time, or have trouble knowing when someone?s calling. The Watch might turn out to be a game-changer, after all.

An Exciting time for Apple

Financial excess aside, the Apple Watch appears to be Apple?s newest ?iPhone?, in that it?s a new technology and relatively nothing is known about it. Apple could take a page or two out of their past events and launches, although judging by what it seemed to be, the Apple Watch seems headed to a good start with figures being what they are.


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