Apple Watch Debut Dampened by Backlog

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Apple’s new wearable comes in three versions; the standard Apple Watch, the fitness-focused Watch Sport, and the luxury Watch Edition

Despite all the hoopla regarding the debut of the Apple Watch, one of the major drawbacks is the prospect of a waiting line between four and six weeks to be able to get one. This was due to the large volume of pre-orders made online which affected those physical stores that offered the new gadget from the world?s most valuable company.

The First Signs

There were notices sent out by Apple, first reported by the German Apple site Macerkopf through AppleInsider. The site said that the German Apple store had indicated the waiting times for the Sport Model, with a promised delivery between April 24 and May 8. The same delivery dates were promised for those models of the Apple Watch Stainless Steel model with sport bands, classic leather straps or the model with Milanese loops.

In another high end Apple store, this time at the Fifth Avenue Manhattan branch, Apple enthusiasts were able to gaze at and try on the new Apple Watch. Unfortunately, there were none available for those who wanted to purchase the watch over the counter.

The Apple Admission

Apple admitted that the demand would be greater than the physical supply once the new gadget is made available in stores by April 24. The demand for the watch online was so great that within an hour that the pre-ordering was made available, the supply would be backed up well into the coming summer.

There was a new system in place specifically for the Apple watch, where customers would have to pre-order online, set an appointment for the fitting of the watch and then be able to get the watch. Despite this new system, hundreds still formed queues in front of Apple stores in many areas such as China, Hong Kong, Australia, France, Canada and the UK hoping to get a feeling of how it is to wear an Apple Watch.

The Total Pre-order Numbers

In an estimate made by Slice Intelligence as reported on, about 957,000 individuals pre- ordered the Apple Watch the Friday it was made available online. The average price of the watch was at USD503.83, with many ordering more than one device. The most popular choice was the Sport model with a 42mm case.

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