Apple Watch Band News: Latest Apple Patent is Not Its Software; Watch Band Up For Patent Application?

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Apple Watch 2

The latest innovations from Apple are always worth reading, but this time around, it has nothing to do with their software. The latest reported news on Apple?s series of patents include the Apple Watch Band. The US Patent and Trademark office has released the latest patent application by Apple described as ?3D optically transparent structures filled with an electrically active fluid.?

The patent includes features of the Apple Watch band having a chameleon-like structure that changes color. These colors are said to match the color of clothing the user is wearing. Mini touch sensitive displays are also included with the feature of a 3D touch display.

Key features of the Chameleonic feature include:

  • ?In one embodiment the colors and tones are somewhat muted and may appear to be more of a glow than a bright illumination.?
  • ?In some embodiments the one portion may change color from transparent to red when there is an incoming call.?
  • ?Worth noting is that in that same color portion for an incoming call, the user may also be able to touch that colored segment to answer the call.?

As part of Apple?s innovation, the Apple Watch Band will not only cater to technological advancement in recreation, but also health. The patented Watch Band is recognized to have sensors that will monitor the user?s health, such as heart rate and more. However, this feature is now currently in question after the development team recognized the wide range of bands they?re going to make.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

Also, the type of material used in the creation of the Apple Watch Band may affect the sensor of the watch. The most recent patented Apple Watch Band is the transparent band that sensors the user?s pulse. This type of sensor in Apple?s patent is described as ?a transparent electrically conductive fluid forming one or more electrically conductive channels.? The innovation primarily detects the fatigue level of the user.

What do you think of this latest innovation from Apple? For more news and update about the Apple Watch Band patent, read them here on TheBitBag.


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