Apple Watch: Animal Apps and Apple Watch Showcase

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The Apple Watch has officially arrived.

It?s an official arrival because, according to the article from The Verge, the very first of apps have come out for the watch/gadget. Buzzfeed is leading the way among app developers for the Apple Watch, coming up with an app that?s sure to kill boredom. The app has something to do with cuteness, and rating them according to a certain degree.

This is also the case with celebrities who are coming out with photos of them wearing the Apple Watch. 9 to 5 Mac has this report where we see a certified A-list star?Beyonce?wearing the Apple Watch in an image. It?s not just any Apple Watch, to be certain; what she?s wearing is the excessively-priced Apple Watch Edition.

Buzzfeed Pioneering the Way

Buzzfeed is one of the very first app developers to make an app for the Apple Watch.

Feeling a bit under the weather? Having a bad Monday morning? People usually have those, but Buzzfeed?s new Cute or Not app for the Apple Watch, according to The Verge, aims to fix that problem. With the app, people will be able to rate pictures of animals in their own moments of cuteness. It?s the perfect app for animal lovers and ?cute animal? lovers alike.

That?s not all, however. Users will also be able to access different polls about certain topics related to anything, from Harry Potter to current events. People should be able to get their quick fix in less than 20 seconds or so, according to the report.

Beyonce as Apple Watch model

Who else is a better ambassador for the Apple Watch Edition than the Queen B, Sasha Fierce herself?

Beyonce, in a report from 9 to 5 Mac, was pictured wearing the gold Apple Watch Edition. The same image was posted on her website, and although she is potentially doing the Apple Watch a service by wearing the Watch, this isn?t the first time that she?s worked with Apple.

All of that aside, Apple is still trying to convince a certain segment of the market about the practicality of their smart watches. However, Beyonce and other celeb figures like designer Karl Lagerfeld wearing the Watch could be a big boost to selling the various models of the Apple Watch.

A Watch for Everybody

Despite Beyonce and a few other celebrities wearing the Apple Watch Edition, that particular model?with its hefty price tag?isn?t for everybody. However, it should help to tip the scales of those who are still questioning the purpose of the watch, or even the decision to buy one.


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