Apple Watch 2 Update: Thinner Screen And More

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Rumored to be released in the fall of 2016, the Apple Watch 2 is said to feature a much thinner screen than the previous version. This news came out after the Apple touch screen maker, TPK Holding, released a statement about their Q2 2016 earnings.

New Touch Screen Technology

According to TPK, touch screen sales for the second quarter of 2016 encountered a lot challenges. One of which is the decrease in orders for the iPhone screens. On top of this, Apple is also planning on changing the touch screen technology used for the upcoming Apple Watch 2.

Although still wrought with manufacturing challenges, Apple is pushing for the use of ?one-glass solution? for their alleged Apple Watch 2. This new type of touch screen is a major upgrade from the current ?glass-on-glass? technology.

Apple Watch 2 Specs

The new touch screen is said to be considerably thinner than its predecessor. This will bring about a whole bunch of upgrades available for the Apple Watch 2 while maintaining the current form factor. On top of the list of the purported upgrades is the addition of LTE/cellular connectivity. This upgrade will lend the Apple Watch 2 its much needed stand-alone capability for most of its applications.

Apple Watch 2

Another supposed upgrade brought about by the new touch screen assembly is bigger battery. This is due to the fact that this new type of touch screen is basically shaving off an extra layer of glass in the screen assembly.

Other reported upgrades include new and faster processor. Along with the patented Digital Crown and two additional buttons. According to the patent filed by Apple, these buttons can be either mechanical or capacitive touch.

Also from the said patent, it seems that Apple is planning on providing a CMOS front-facing camera to the Apple Watch 2.

These upgrades along with inclusion of Siri will introduce a lot of new features to the Apple Watch 2.

With news about the imminent release of MacBook Air 2016 this September along with other products, it is quite reasonable to think that Apple will launch the Apple Watch 2 as well.


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