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Apple Watch 2 Update: All The Rumors About Its Release Date

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The Apple Watch 2 release date is still unclear and yet to be announced. However, there are already rumors circulating around the web talking about the possible availability of the gadget in the market.

According to Christian Today, the wearable tech device is not going to be presented this month, even for viewing purposes only. Not also next month and in the succeeding months, because the report said that it will be ?farther out during the year.?

Another rumor is the statement from Barry Lam, the chairman of Quanta, manufacturer of the first Apple Watch. In his statement, as mentioned by Macworld, Lam shared during an investors meeting a release window for the upcoming gadget. He claimed that Apple Watch 2 will be available by the end of 2016?s second quarter (meaning June), but for a very limited units only. The mass production of the wearable tech device will be available come the third quarter, Lam continued.

However, just when fans are already disappointed with these unconfirmed Apple Watch 2 release date rumors, there is another speculation that the watch is going to be available in two to three months. According to Tech Radar, there is a possibility that the gadget is going to be featured during the Worldwide Developers Conference of Apple in June alongside the unveiling of iOS 10. Another date the outlet shared is September, when iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is rumored to be launched.

In addition, the September release date is also complemented by Macworld?s post. It was mentioned in the published article that Apple Watch 2 should be released in April. Because if based on Apple?s yearly release cycle, the gadget?s predecessor has already reached a year after it went on full sale last April 2015, so, it is expected that the new version will come out next month.

Now, with the availability of Apple Watch 2 still unknown, its release date is believed to be hinted in Apple?s upcoming press event titled ?Let Us Loop You In? on March 21.

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