Apple Watch 2 Release, Update: No Go On LTE But Full Steam Ahead on GPS

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Apple Watch 2

Immediately after its release last year, major carriers have been urging Apple to include cellular connectivity to the Apple Watch. In fact, Apple did listen to the requests and started a series of meetings with major network carriers from the U.S. and Europe. Unfortunately, it would seem that this year?s Apple Watch 2 release will not be that different from its predecessor.

As it stands, the current Apple Watch relies heavily on the iPhone for its much needed connectivity. From content download to location tracking, the iPhone is an integral part of the Apple Watch.

Recent reports claim that the new Apple Watch 2 release will not be able to support cellular connectivity due to some major issues. Sources say that Apple did try to integrate an LTE module to the new design. However, results of the trials were less than ideal. Apple fears that the current technology that exist for cellular modules require a lot of power. And with this, they fear that the Apple Watch 2?s battery will not stand up to the test. Incorporating a cellular chip will affect the watch?s effectiveness as well as limiting user appeal.

A lot of people got excited when they heard news that Apple was in the talks with major telcos about the Apple Watch. Many felt that this is the right track for the watch. Unfortunately, as the story unfolds, fans will get nothing but disappointment.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

To appease the masses, Apple, as it seems, has decided to give the green light for GPS to be integrated in the Apple Watch 2. This upgrade will enable the watch to be a bit more standalone. Thus eliminating the need to sync with an iPhone to get accurate location data.

On top of this, the GPS module will also make it possible for users, especially the sports-minded individuals, to use the Apple Watch 2 to track their fitness.

It is rumored that Apple intends to release the Apple Watch 2 early next month. Possibly on the same day that they launch the new iPhone 7, which is in 7th of September.

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