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Apple Watch 2 Release Update: Smartwatch To Dominate Market, Says Report

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Apple Watch 2 is likely to be unveiled at the Apple?s big event tomorrow. Before its grand entry, Apple Watch 2 is already showing the signs of stealing the wearable market in 2016.

According to Digital Trends, a report from the International Data Corporation (IDC) has predicted that Apple?s Watch as well as Google?s Android smartwatch will have a big turnover in 2016.

?In 2016, 14.0 million Apple Watches will be shipped around the world, good for nearly half of the market. Android Wear smartwatches will follow with 6.1 million units, or 21.4 percent of the market,? Digital Trends reported. Around 31.0 million Apple Watches will reach customers by the end of 2020 as per the IDC reports.

Apple Watch 2 Features: What We Knew So Far?

Apple has filed a patent for a magnetic wristband which will look similar to existing Milanese loop version and leather version. ??Apple?s strap will be very flexible to bend in an opposite direction when not in use. This feature can please all those customers who are not satisfied with Apple Watch (Original) strap. The Watch 2 will have magnetic bands.

?In one configuration the wristband is magnetically coupled around a user?s wrist. In another configuration the magnetic wristband can be magnetically coupled around an electronic device to which it is attached.,? according to the official abstract of magnetic band on the US Patent and Trademark Office website.

Apple Watch 2 will also pack a front-facing camera, built-in cellular GPS. It will have a ?powerful battery which can stay up to 48 hours. The price will be around be around $349 or higher. The Watch 2 will have ?health monitoring features.

Recently it was reported that Apple Watch 2 will be equipped with a feature which can send alerts to family members or concerned persons when the user is in trouble like accidents, heart attack, and other emergencies.

Apple Watch 2 will be powered by watch 0S 2.2. A rumor says, Apple is making the Watch 2 self dependent. It can perform a number of functions without the help of iPhone.

Are you ready to welcome Apple Watch 2?

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