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Apple Watch 2 Release Happening Soon? More Rumors Surface As Fans Await Launch

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Apple Watch 2

The Apple Watch 2?s release is likely to happen very soon. With more and more rumors coming out about the highly anticipated gadget, Apple patrons can only assume that its launch is just around the corner.

It has been previously reported that the Apple Watch 2 launch will take place this September. Since its predecessor was made available in April of 2015 and the company usually releases new models after exactly one year, the September unveiling will be just a couple of months later than the initially assumed April 2016 arrival date.

Tech insiders assumed that the delay had to do with the not so phenomenal sales of the first Apple Watch. However, the fall release date of the Apple Watch 2 could also mean that the Cupertino-based tech company intends it to be a gift idea for the holiday season. Furthermore, new iPhones and iPads are also released during the said season.

The long wait for Apple?s official announcement could also mean that they are polishing all the rumored features of the Apple Watch 2.


In addition to its predecessor?s heart rate sensor, the new and improved version will reportedly have sensors to monitor blood oxygen level and blood pressure. ?These were supposedly meant to be included in the first model, but Apple allegedly scrapped them since they could not secure an accurate reading back then.

Another Apple Watch 2 rumor is about its thinner body. The slimmer frame is reportedly due to the use of a new “One Glass Solution” display (OGS) instead of a Glass/Glass (G/G) display.

Contrary to speculations that it will have a round clock face, leaked images revealed that the Apple Watch 2 will still come in the same two rectangular sizes as the first model.

Among the much awaited features of the high-technology watch is its cellular network connectivity capabilities. There are reports that the new timepiece will include a 3G/4G chipset that will hook it up to a network independent of the iPhone. It will also reportedly be loaded with a faster processor.

Which among these rumored Apple Watch 2 features are you most excited about? Do you think that the Apple Watch 2 release will be happening very soon? Let us know by commenting below and keep following TheBitBag for updates!


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