Apple Watch 2 Release Date, Specs, Design, Features & Price: What We Know So Far

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The Apple Watch 2 release date is expected to fall sometime between September and October 2016. Interestingly, many tech portals are calling the second-generation device as ?Apple Watch S.?

Whatever will be its name, the supply chain?sources from China says Apple has opted to be a bit cautious this time around by going for ?conservative orders.? Smartwatches and smartbands are nothing but an acquired taste, precisely because there is no stand-out feature at this point to build a strong case to market such gadgets. However, these devices are evolving by the day, and there will come a time when such gadgets might become inevitable, much like the smartphones of this generation.

Apple Watch 2: Specs, Features, Design

The Apple Watch 2 is believed to come with?improvements to the internal configurations, design and marginal changes to the form factor, PC Advisor noted. The usual suspects like ?battery life improvement,? ?slimmer exterior? and ?powerful processor? are expected.

Past rumors suggested that the upcoming watch will be able to act as a stand-alone device without the need for pairing with a smartphone. This can be achieved by the embedded cellular capabilities onboard.

The Apple Watch 2 specifications list will apparently include a built-in GPS this time around. Having such a GPS system onboard will get rid of the iPhone dependency.

We are also hearing that, similar to the beautiful ?LG G Watch R? and the pioneer ?Motorola Moto 360,? which is now?available at a discounted price, Apple might opt for a circular dial. Round dials are technically very difficult to manufacture. Hence, Apple opted to go for a retro-styled square face, which didn?t go very well with the?fashion conscious world. Perhaps, this time around, the tech giant might bite the bullet and offer a round dial instead.

Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2

A convincing rumor, however, is the possibility of water-proofed exterior with a sturdy build in tow. There are many incidents of the Apple Watch falling accidentally, getting smashed and cracked in the process. Not to forget the fact that the current-generation watch is not completely water proof either.

Sure, there is an IP rating, but it protects the gadget only from showers. With this watch, you cannot go for a swim. It doesn?t protect accidental immersion in water either. And, most importantly, the terminology ?water resistance? is not the same as ?water proof.? With many reported incidents, it?s high time that Apple improves the IP rating to offer a much-better protection.

Apple Watch 2: Price

Candidly, with all the?expectations surrounding the device in mind, the assumption is that Apple Watch 2 could be a tad costlier than the original device. However, if you look at the immense competition, especially from Android Wear and Tizen powered devices, it?s safe to assume that Apple may not tag an exorbitant price to the upcoming device.

Hence, it?s safe to assume that the base model will not cross the $299 to $350 ambit to stay competitive. It is worth noting that the LG G Watch R and the Moto 360 smartwatch debuted at $299 in the U.S.

In any case, readers should note that Apple has not confirmed any Apple Watch 2 related information thus far.


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