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Apple Watch 2 Release Date in September Confirmed?

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Apple Watch 2

Apple announced the first Apple watch in September 2014 and soon it became one of its best-selling gadgets. Smartwatch fans are waiting for the next edition of the Apple watch for quite a while now, but the company has remained silent about its upcoming wearable, Apple Watch 2. However, reports claim that the Cupertino tech company could release Apple Watch 2 in September.

Earlier, speculations were made that the company would release the next version of Apple watch at its Worldwide Developers Conference, but the company didn?t announce any hardware. Now, a handful of reports claim that the company could release Apple Watch 2 on the 2nd anniversary of the current Apple Watch.

There is so much evidence that indicates September as a possible release date. Apple could launch Apple Watch 2 along with the iPhone 7 and MacBook Pro. An insider from the supply chain has tipped DigiTimes that Apple has raised the order for the chips and other components of Watch 2. The increase in the supply of Apple Watch components is a sign that the launch of the next watch could be closer than we think.



?Orders for the upcoming Apple Watch have been higher-than-expected?, the source told DigiTimes. ?Judging from the orders, the sources estimated that about two million units of the new Apple Watch could be shipped monthly.?

Apple Watch 2 is supposed to roll out with some notable changes. The new watch will be powered by an ARM Cortex A32 processor that is much better than the current Apple S1 processor. New processor will boost the performance of the wearable and will increase the battery life as well. It is also expected to include a front facing camera with Facetime support. Watch 2 is supposed to feature Micro-LED panel instead of an AMOLED display.

Moreover, Apple is reportedly working on a new wireless chipset. The new wireless chipset would enable a “Find my Watch” feature which is said to utilise Wi-Fi router triangulation technology, as opposed to GPS.

The company is supposed to launch Apple Watch 2 smartwatch with the price starting at around $270 while the high end model will cost approximately $400.

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