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?Apple Watch 2? News: New OS Promises Apps Just For Watch, Will It Be Enough To Raise Demand?

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Apple Watch isn?t what users were hoping for. A slew of mixed reviews have put Apple in a position where they may need to make a move that will make people understand how revolutionary the watch will be. That?s why Apple is slowly inching their way to introducing the Apple Watch 2.

Apple Watch sales dwindling

It comes to no surprise that the new Apple Watch that the company introduced isn?t what they expected it to be. Interest of the device is slowly reducing and as a result, Apple Inc. failed with the Apple Watch, according to According to Steven Milunovich of UBS, the device saw ?lackluster interest as measured by global activity,? posted by He added that apple sold just 2.2 million units of the device in the three months through June. The slow collapse of the Apple Watch doesn?t mean that the company is giving up on making it better.

The Apple Watch was the best-selling wearable device of all-time, although people didn?t know what to do with it, shared by But the fact that it was still a selling device meant that it still had room to grow and make a more improved Apple Watch.

Apple Watch OS 2

Within a short period of time, Apple had already released its plans on updating the Apple Watch to OS 2, according to The new operating system is currently in testing by the developers and of course it will add features that users of the released Apple Watch wanted, they added.

?We?re believers the watch will prove to be a success,? Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray told CNBC on Monday, shared by ?The real excitement here is when they come out with native apps for the watch. That could change the whole trajectory of how consumers view the watch,? he added.

With the rapid developments and upgrades of the Apple Watch, it?s enough to say that a new Apple Watch 2 will soon be on the works.

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