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Apple Watch 2 New Feature Is Best For Emergency

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Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 release date is near. Now, the device is in the news for a wonderful feature which can help the user during the time of emergency.

According to Value Walk, Apple Watch 2 can bring assistance to the user when he is in serious trouble. The U.S. Patent Trademark Office has disclosed an application ?Care Event Detection And Alerts? which shows Apple?s plan to create a perfect which with great focus on health. ?An occurrence of one or more “care events” is detected by an electronic device monitoring environmental data and/or user data from one or more sensors.

The electronic device transmits one or more alerts regarding the detected occurrence to at least one other electronic device,? the description on The U.S. Patent Trademark Office Website reads. International Business Times says ?Apple is likely to use the sensors of Apple Watch or another device with health-tracking features in order to send alerts when the wearer is in difficulty. This feature will be a big help during accidents, heart attack, and other emergencies. ?The alert message will go to the user’s family members and if the device is not able to detect the heart rate it will directly call 911(emergency service) or any other emergency service for immediate help.

Apple CEO had ?given a clue earlier about the fitness and health related features. ?Concentrating more on fitness capabilities for the Apple Watch would hold us back from innovating too much, the cycles are too long. But you can begin to envision other things that might be adjacent to it?maybe an app, maybe something else,? Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview a long time back. Apple Watch 2 will be powered by watch 0S 2.2 and will have a Maps app called ?Nearby?. It will also pack a front-facing camera for FaceTime Video calls. The price will be around $349 or higher.

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