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Apple Watch 2 Has No Cellular Variant?

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Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 cellular variants are not a possibility. Apple can unveil cellular variants in the future but not in this year.

The reason for postponing an Apple Watch 2 cellular variant is that current cellular chips consume too much battery life. So, the efficiency of the device will be affected. Apple is thinking of using lower-power cellular data chips for future smartwatch generations.

This time, Apple will use GPS chips which can accurately identify user?s location. These GPS chips can communicate with satellites. The GPS will help the device in running more health tracking applications.

It could be wonderful if Apple could release cellular variants of the Watch 2. Fans had a big hope for it. A cellular chip can enhance the efficiency of the device. By using cellular chips, a device can download sports score alerts, email and mapping information without the help of an iPhone, according to Bloomberg Technology.

Apple Watch 2 Price, Features And Release

The Apple Watch 2 will feature Siri. Siri will add more useful features into Watch 2. ?To me, Siri is much more useful on the watch than on the iPhone because it?s always right there on your wrist and you can use it hands free by just saying, ?hey, Siri?.If this feature was faster and more accurate, I would use Siri on my Apple Watch all the time to set reminders, add notes, text my wife, and do loads of other things on the go,? said Jeremy Olson, founder and lead designer at Tapity.

Apple Watch 2 is packing a feature which will serve the user in time of emergencies like heart attack and accidents. The device will automatically send an alert message to the user?s family. It can also call 911 (emergency service) for help.

Apple is focusing on more health-related features, as mentioned earlier. ?Concentrating more on fitness capabilities for the Apple Watch would hold us back from innovating too much, the cycles are too long. But you can begin to envision other things that might be adjacent to it?maybe an app, maybe something else,? Apple CEO Tim Cook said in an interview. The Apple Watch 2 will also feature the magnetic wristband.

Apple Watch 2 release is likely to happen in September alongside the iPhone 7.


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