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Apple Watch 2 Coming Out With MacBook Pro 2016?

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Apple Watch 2

Apple Watch 2 launch date is reportedly in June alongside MacBook Pro 2016.

At the investors meeting, the Chairman of Quanta, Barry Lam had mentioned that the Apple Watch 2 will be having a limited stock by the end of Q2 2016 and more stock will be available in Q3 2016, according to MacWorld . It means there is a big possibility of Apple releasing the device in June. World Developers Conference is on June 13, which will witness the entry of few versatile Apple products like MacBook Pro 2016.

As for Apple Watch 2 features, according to The Country Caller, Apple Watch 2 will sport an improved design and battery. The battery will keep the device alive for a day. Watch 2 will be made from a new material like tungsten or titanium. The price tag will be below $1000. The new chipset will support the battery efficiency. ?The Cortex-A32 delivers 25% more efficiency (performance per mW) than the Cortex-A7 in the same process node. Cortex-A32 delivers this efficiency through a combination of both performance improvements and power reduction,? Parent Herald cited ARM.

Vine Report claims that new Apple Watch 2 will sport a bass system, which will cherish the music listening experience. The device will have a 4G capability. Thus, you can use the internet without depending on iPhone. Apple analyst Brian White has already predicted that the upcoming device will be 20 to 40 percent thinner than the previous model.The Watch 2 will pack blood glucose sensor and a heart rate sensor. There will be a front-facing camera for FaceTime video calls. The whole watch will have ?waterproof protection. Apple has already filed a patent for a magnetic wristband.

“In one configuration the wristband is magnetically coupled around a user?s wrist. In another configuration the magnetic wristband can be magnetically coupled around an electronic device to which it is attached,? Apple?s patent reads.

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