Apple vs Nokia: Patent Battle Continues; What’s The Real Score

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Apple vs Nokia
Apple vs Nokia

When you think of rivalry between the big mobile smartphone industry, Samsung and Apple usually come to mind as the top rivals in both sales and filing law suits. However, this week Nokia steps into the fray to challenge Apple with a patent legal battle.?So what is the real score between?the Apple vs Nokia patent battle??

With legal jargon being so complicated, we?d understand why many would get lost in the news. We?ll let you decide as we get you up to date in their patent battle!


The fiasco all started with Nokia filing several complaints in their lawsuit against Apple. The complaints detail that Nokia apparently owns three important portfolios of intellectual property (patents) that apparently Apple has been using up till now.

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Nokia also points out that the portfolios cover a wide range of technologies being integrated in smartphones, computers, tablets, and many other devices. The lawsuit against Apple may be set to be a large one since the portfolios owned by Nokia has had a total of EUR 115 invested in it over a period of twenty years. Nokia is essentially claiming that Apple is violating 32 patents in a number several of their products.

Apple?s Response

Apple responded against Nokia last Tuesday by filing their own antitrust lawsuit against several Nokia-aligned patent aggregators. The gist of the lawsuit essentially talks of how the group is merely assisting Nokia in a bid to “extract and extort exorbitant revenues” from Apple and other mobile device companies.

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In addition, Apple claims that Nokia is making anticompetitive patent assertions against the innovations of cell phone creators.

Finally, this patent feud that Nokia has with Apple has apparently been going on longer than most people had known. Apple has been accusing Nokia for misbehavior as far back as 2011. While Acacia, one of Nokia?s nine patent aggregators, have already sued Apple a staggering 42 times over the course of 10 years.

So who is winning between the two tech giants? For this latest case, it’s still too early to say but a big decision should come out soon.?

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Stay tuned to TheBitbag?to learn who wins between the Apple vs Nokia patent battle!

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