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Apple Vs FBI: Who Else Are In Apple’s Side?

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Apple vs FBI

The controversy between the Apple and the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding national security and personal privacy continues. It seems that the Cupertino-based tech giant is not alone in the fight. According to a report from Reuters, several other American tech companies have shown its support for Apple against the FBI.

Based on the report, Google, Facebook, Microsoft and AT&T were among the major internet and tech companies which filed legal briefs requesting a judge to support Apple?s battle against the FBI and the United States government. Although these tech companies are not always friendly allies with Apple, the recent controversy, which was sparked by the government?s anti-encryption demands, have made them united as they face a major threat common to all of them.

According to CNET, the amicus briefs, which was filed by the tech companies, said that they ?worry back doors would weaken their ability to protect their customers? information and put people at heightened risk of being hacked.? This is in response to the argument of the FBI in ordering Apple to create a backdoor in their mobile phones.

The request came about because of an isolated incident in the San Bernardino terrorist attack involved an iPhone 5C used by one of the terrorist and the bureau is now saying that unlocking the device is necessary for the safety of the people. Apple has kept pushing back on the request and now other tech companies are chiming in, saying that the court?s decision could have far reaching implications to them as well as other companies worldwide.

While no clear resolution for the battle between Apple and the FBI, the tech world has clearly taken notice as to how important the verdict will be. To find out more information about the ongoing issue, be sure to check back here and get the scoop into the very important tech controversy.

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