Apple Uses Tumblr To Sell iPhone 5c

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Apple Uses Tumblr To Sell iPhone 5c


The importance of social media is not lost on tech giant Apple as news of its supposed use of Tumblr to promote the iPhone 5c has been spotted (despite the attempt to ?hide?it) by Apple and Tumblr watchers.

The campaign, dubbed ? Every color has a story? was launched a few days ago in a website named ?Isee5c?. The ads, contained in several 15 second videos promoting the iPhone 5c, showcase the various cases and colors of the latest iPhone offer.


The videos contain various songs and feature the dots found on the back of the official iPhone 5c’s cases (as well as on the iOS 7 wallpapers).

Each of the advertisements / videos also concludes with every color / case ending in a distinct closing line that is matched by an appropriate musical finale.

  • White iPhone 5c = popcorn theme music = ?Enjoy the show?
  • Red / Pink iPhone 5c = French theme music = ?Porte de Lilas? (The Gates Of Paris)
  • Green iPhone 5c = Portuguese carnival theme music = ?Viva o Carnaval?.
  • Blue iPhone 5c = no music ; white dots on blue screen = no closing line


Apple and Tumbler watchers announced that the ads were indeed part of Apple’s iPhone 5c campaign as evidenced by ?signs? in the source codes of the Tumblr site. Some users of Tumblr also reported that the iPhone 5c Tumblr page showed up as a ?Sponsored Post? in their Tumblr dashboards. This indicates that the creator of the Tumblr page is paying Yahoo / Tumblr to display the page as an ad.


The source code shows that the videos are hosted by Vimeo, a video-sharing tool, although the videos are protected (hidden) from being embedded by other users.

A Tumblr site called Unwrapping Tumblr has declared the following discovery ? Apple Joins Tumblr: Apple launched the Isee5c?blog on March 1, 2014, promoting the iPhone 5c with a series of video posts (and sponsored posts).


The page also quoted Tumblr?s?Ryan Charchian?(ryan) in saying that ?Apple?s first ad buy on a social media platform?.



Photo Source: http://isee5c.tumblr.com/ ; https://www.facebook.com/tumblr ; https://www.facebook.com/fansiphone5c

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