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Apple TV Will Soon Support 4K Video Streaming

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Apple TV to support 4K video streaming

Apple released the Apple TV back in 2006. Since then, the company has promised to revolutionize home entertainment. Unfortunately, the tiny set-top box has been behind in comparison to its competitions of late. However, that is all going to change with the release of the fifth-generation Apple TV.

According to Bloomberg, the company is now in the process of testing out the prototype for its fifth-generation set-top box. The report also mentioned that the next Apple TV will support ultra-high definition 4K video streaming.

In addition to 4K video streaming, the Apple TV is also rumored to have support for MFI gaming controllers. This is in order to allow consumers to add desktop gaming to the set-top box. Unfortunately, the controllers will have to be purchased separately as they do not come with the package.

Fifth generation Apple TV would offer support for 4K video streaming

Fourth generation Apple TV (via

At the moment, Apple is hoping the new features will boost sales. For a few years now, the company has been suffering from slowly declining product sales figures for the Apple TV. By including the 4K video streaming feature, Apple is expecting to attract more consumers to buy its product.

Unfortunately, as it stands, the Apple video streamer is not really the most affordable set-top box in the market. The Amazon Fire TV is priced at around $130. The Apple TV, on the other hand, is currently sold for approximately $150, a $20 difference in comparison to the Amazon Fire TV. In order to get ahead of the competition, Apple would need to do more.

Perhaps by offering some sort of gaming option will be enough to get more of the needed attention for the Apple set-top box. However, this is not exactly something revolutionary. There are a number of set-top box devices out there that offer the same features. Case in point is the current NVIDIA Shield TV.

Apple has been quite mum about its next generation set-top box. Right now, nobody knows when the set-top box will become available in the market. However, the fact that the next Worldwide Developers Convention is happening pretty soon, it might get announced along with the event. That said, the Apple TV might be released within the year. For more updates on the Apple TV, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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