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Apple TV Specs And Price: What?s Different About The 4th Gen Streaming Box

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Pre-orders for the new Apple TV is now available, as announced by Apple CEO Tim Cook last month. This much-awaited fourth-generation streaming box will now be feature an App Store, a brand new touch-based remote and digital personal assistant Siri, according to Tech Crunch.

The new-and-improved TV box?is taking streaming and apps to a whole new level. ?It?s the golden age of television,? Tim Cook previously said during the unveiling of the Apple TV, according to the Verge. ?Our vision for TV is simple and perhaps a little provocative. We believe the future of television is apps.?

Apple TV inclusions

Tech Crunch reports that included in the box are the Apple TV and remote with a lightning-to-USB cable and power cord. Additional Siri remotes are also available for $79, ?Remote Loops? (wrist wraps) for $12.99 and AppleCare insurance for $29.

Remote control

The new touch-based remote lets you fast-forward and rewind shows by using the integrated trackpad. ?The remote understands movement in any direction and lets you click anywhere on its glass screen to make a selection,? according to John Evans from Computerworld. ?Swipe quickly with a sweeping motion to fast-forward and rewind in big chunks, while a slower swipe will move the actions forward frame-by-frame.?

Siri integration

And with the addition of Siri into the streaming box, searching is now made easier with the universal search by voice. It can show matches and results from the iTunes App Store, Apple Music Library, and additional services from Netflix, Hulu, or HBO while using control playback, according to Tech Crunch.

Apple TV is available to order for over 80 countries in two different storage capacities. 32GB streaming box?is selling for $149 while the bigger 64GB version costs around $199. First batch of orders will begin distribution on October 30. If you haven?t made a pre-order yet, check out the link here.

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