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Apple TV 2015 Price And Release Date: New Product Supporting iOS Games Launched! Can It Entice Gamers To Play?

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With Apple struggling in convincing more people to get their Apple TV product, they decided to make some improvements for the fourth generation of the TV box. But will it convince more people to get the Apple TV?

The new Apple TV will be running on a new TV OS, the remote will feature ?glass touch? surface where users can control menus with a swipe from their hands, it even has a Siri function where you can do searches through voice commands. When the remote is turned, it also acts as a game controller. Apple Boss Tim Cook stated that the Apple TV is the future of television and Apple has been working hard to bringing it all together.


Apple mentioned that the Apple TV is also targeting gamers, with an array of iOS games will be supporting the TV box. Some may feel that the Apple TV?s remote may remind them more of Nintendo?s Wiimote for the Wii console, with the addition of a touch pad on the remote. Some publications are already predicting that Apple won?t be able to penetrate the gaming market in convincing them to get the Apple TV. One example is from Time Magazine where they stated that Apple might be tapping to the same audiences that got hooked in the Nintendo Wii, but Apple does not have the same mindset with Nintendo, where Nintendo consider games as an art as they are personally involved with the creation of games while Apple just created a middle ground for designers to create apps in a generalized form, which also includes games. While BusinessInsider thinks that it may not penetrate the target gamers yet but if Apple focus its shift in branding the Apple TV as a TV box that can also play games, instead of promoting it as a gaming device, they could get more gamers to buy the product.

The Apple TV is priced at $149 for the 32GB model and $199 for the 64GB version, both will be on sale this October.

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