New Apple Patent Alludes to TouchID and Touch Bar Support; Might Feature on Future iMacs

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Apple patents Touch Bar support for Magic Keyboard

When the first aluminum body iMac appeared in 2007, everyone was amazed. The design was uniquely Apple and was done quite impressively. A few years later, the Cupertino company improved on the older iMac and made it even sexier by giving it a tapered edge. That being said, given that the iMac is what it is right now, not a lot can be done at all in terms of aesthetics. Nevertheless, it would seem that Apple has something in mind that will make iMac users very happy indeed.

A recent patent filing from Apple revealed that it is now considering, what appears to be, a Touch Bar version of the Magic Keyboard. Not only that, the patent also includes support for the TouchID just like the 2016 MacBook Pro.

For those who do not remember, this particular feature for the Magic Keyboard has been speculated the moment the Touch Bar was featured on the 2016 MacBook Pro. In fact, a number of third-party renderings surfaced online showing what it could possibly look like.

Apple patents Touch Bar support for Magic Keyboard

Touch Bar patent document (via

Unfortunately, the patent in question is rather new. According to Patently Apple, the USPTO released the document just last Thursday. However, since Apple has already used the technology on the MacBook Pro, it is only a matter of time before it ends up on a standalone keyboard like the Magic Keyboard.

It should be noted that the TouchID and Touch Bar features on the Magic Keyboard is still an idea at this time. At the moment, it is still uncertain whether or not Apple will act upon this patent and have it as an official product. However, knowing Apple and its reluctance to include touch screen support for the iMac, this feature is a pretty good compromise.

Consumers can only hope that Apple will include the Touch Bar on the next iteration of the iMac. That said, the company already announced that it will release an iMac upgrade later this year. Whether or not the Touch Bar-enabled Magic Keyboard will be include, could be anyone’s guess. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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