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Apple to Keep Beats Music on Android OS: 3 Vital Reasons Why iOS Developer Wants Android Users to Keep Beats Audio Support

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Apple bought Beats Music and will likely improve the audio experience on all iOS and MAC OS devices. Android and Windows Phone OS users may find the acquisition as a problem, but Apple won?t strip Beats Music support due to vital reasons.

The Acquisition

Apple managed to obtain Beats Music which supports a wide variety of mobile devices across multiple platforms. Technically, Apple CEO Tim Cook dislikes ?supporting Android OS and prevented the integration of iTunes to Google?s platform, but not in the case of Beats Music.

No matter how unfavorable the support for non-iOS devices, Apple needs to consider three vital factors that may benefit the number of subscribers for Beats Music.

1. Support Already Enabled
Beats Music has been enabled for various mobile devices, primarily HTC smartphones, that uses it as a sound enhancement. Removing support from a collection of devices such as HTC One Series will take serious action and can cause unforeseen consequences for those who love the amazing audio enhancer.

2. Music Is Not Exclusive
Music is for everyone which Apple CEO Tim Cook agreed by telling Financial Times, ?It?s all about music? while Apple SVP of Internet Software and Services Eddy Cue said ?It?s on Android now, and we want to keep it that.?

With these statements, Android users won?t fear of losing Beats Music support on their devices and may actually expect updates and improvements in the future. Music is not restrained and it is designed to express your freedom.

3. Serious Threat from Competitors
One strong factor on why ?Apple would consider keeping support of Beats Music on other OS platforms is the impact from competitors. Right now, Beats Music is only available in the United States that covers a very limited market compared to others.

According to Android Authority, it has more than 200,000 subscribers and will not compare to the 40 million users of Spotify with 25 percent of that who are actually paid subscribers. Expanding support to more territories and offering attractive packages can boost the number of subscribers significantly.

Android OS dominates the population of mobile devices and keeping Beats Music support for Android devices can largely benefit Apple as well.

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