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Apple Tidal Merger Rumors: Deal Can Allow Apple Users Access To Tidal’s Exclusive Content

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Apple Tidal
Apple Tidal Merger

Apple is reportedly in the talks with Jay Z to buy Tidal. If the deal really happens, this would be a smart move for the company as Apple Music is currently struggling to compete with Spotify. However, neither Apple nor Jay Z has confirmed on Apple Tidal merger rumors.

Spotify is growing faster than Apple Music. With over 30 million paid users, total 100+ million users are connected with Spotify. Apple is far behind Spotify in terms of paid subscribers, reportedly Apple has less than 15 million subscribers. Although Tidal has only 4.2 million paid subscribers connected to it, this acquisition will help Apple to improve the content and overall experience of Apple music, according to Forbes.

Apple has taken steps to secure more exclusives than the competition. For example, Taylor Swift?s Oeuvre, noticeably absent from Spotify, is available on Apple Music. Apple Tidal merger rumors suggest that acquiring Jay Z’s music service will help Apple to further improve its exclusive music gallery as Tidal has strong relations with artists like Kanye West, Beyonc? and more.

These artists offer exclusive access to their latest albums on Tidal. So, buying Tidal will be a great advantage for the Apple Music library. Current Tidal exclusives include Kanye West’s ?Famous?, Lapiz Conciente?s ?Tiempos?, ?Earth? by Neil Young and much more.

Furthermore, Apple Music is limited to Apple devices while Tidal is available on PC and Android systems and integration in a wide range of high fidelity (hi-fi) network players. This will help Apple to expand it services on wide range of platforms. Spotify is already offering its services across Android, iOS, Windows, OS X, Symbian, Windows Phone, Linux, BlackBerry OS, Chrome OS, Fire OS, Sony PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

So, if Jay Z is interested in selling Tidal, Apple is highly likely to sign the deal. This would cause a big threat to Spotify as above mentioned factors will definitely help Apple to rise in the field of online music streaming. Stay tuned to TheBitBag for latest updates on Apple Tidal merger rumors!

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