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Apple Teases on Mar. 21 Launch Event With Invites; iPhone SE, New iPad Release Almost Confirmed

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Countless tech enthusiasts are holding their breath for Apple to finally show to the world some of the gadgets that they plan on releasing this year. Rumors have been floating around for several months that the Cupertino-based tech giant is going to hold a special media event this March and finally all of the rumblings have been confirmed as the company has sent out official invites to their upcoming event.

As reported by CNET, Apple has apparently started sending out invites for their March 21st media event which they are going to hold in the Apple Campus in Cupertino, California. While the event was initially rumored to take place in the week of March 15th, subsequent reports pointed to the week of March 21st as the actual date for the event. The invites sent out by Apple confirm the latter reports as March 21 was the day that they selected to unveil some of their upcoming products.

The invite sent out by Apple to some of the major players in tech and media contains a simple caption ?Let us loop you in? which teases that the company may be preparing to reveal some of the products which have long been rumored to be releasing soon.

According to MacRumors, among the products which could be unveiled during the event is the 4-inch iPhone 5se which has long been rumored to be in the works. Also expected to be launching is a new 9.7-inch iPad though there is still some debate about what it will be called, whether it?s the iPad Air 3 or the iPad Pro Mini. Also in line to be unveiled are new Apple Watch bands which could feature several new color variants.

While Apple has been tight lipped about the event, we can be sure to expect some amazing products to be revealed on March 21st. Make sure you check back here to find out more about the latest Apple products as well as news and updates about what?s hot in the world of tech.

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