Apple Supply Chain Confirms Various iPhone 8 Features; Wireless Charging and 3D Sensors in the Bag

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Apple suppliers confirm some iPhone 8 features

In the next few months, Apple is once again expected to release another flagship phone to the mobile phone market. So far, most reports point to the same unified naming that is the iPhone 8. According to numerous reports, the iPhone 8 will be the pinnacle of everything that is iPhone. It will also be the first iPhone to introduce augmented reality amongst other things.

Now, there are reports among Apple’s supply chain confirming some of the major features of the phone. As we move closer to its supposed release, more and more of these features are being confirmed by various component suppliers and assemblers. Chief of which is the alleged 3D facial recognition sensor for the iPhone 8.

Largan confirms iPhone 8 3D facial recognition sensor

According to Nikkei, Largan Precision CEO Adam Lin confirmed that its lenses for the 3D sensor module on smartphones will begin shipping in the second half of 2017.

While Lin did not specifically say that the lenses are to be used for the iPhone 8, it is a well known fact that Largan Precision holds roughly 90 percent of camera lens supply for iPhones. The company is expected to get 50 percent share on the 3D sensor lens supply for Apple while the rest is handled by a number of companies, including Foxconn.

Apple suppliers confirm some iPhone 8 features

iPhone 8 wireless charging concept (via macrumors.com)

For those who are new to this, Apple intends to use 3D facial recognition on the iPhone 8. This is to prevent false identification of users inherent in single-camera facial recognition systems. Furthermore, the 3D camera sensor will also be used in various augmented reality applications.

Wireless charging and IP68 rating

Meanwhile, Winstron, another Apple partner, confirmed that the iPhone 7s Plus will have improved waterproofing feature as well as wireless charging. The news was brought out during the latest company briefing where CEO Robert Hwang cited features of the upcoming phone.

Based on the report by Nikkei, Winstron will be assembling the iPhone 7s Plus, one of three iPhone to be released this year. Although Hwang did not mention anything about the iPhone 8, it is safe to say that this feature will be reflected on the said phone as well. It will be in poor taste for Apple to not provide improved waterproofing for the tenth anniversary iPhone while its contemporaries have the said feature.

Another feature that is said to be fixed on the iPhone 7s Plus is the wireless charging feature. Users should note that although the feature is termed “wireless,” it does not work in a general way one would think. This wireless charging feature is still a contact-based charging where the phone needs to sit atop a charging plate.

Apple suppliers confirm some iPhone 8 features

iPhone 7 featuring IP67 ingress protection rating (via apple.com)

As with the improved waterproofing, consumers can expect the feature to appear on the iPhone 8 as well.

Apart from wireless charging, it seems like the iPhone 8 will also have a quick charging feature that is present on USB 3.0 devices. However, this feature will be in the form of a dedicated Lightning port, according to Ming-Chi Kuo.

iPhone 8 release date

Until today, many experts in the field believe that Apple will not make it in time to release the iPhone 8 on September. This is due to some manufacturing setbacks revolving around the curved OLED display assembly.

In addition to this, there is still the issue on the in-display Touch ID sensor that everyone is talking about. So far, there have been various renderings of the iPhone 8 showing clean rear casing that suggests non-appearance of a fingerprint sensor.

It is still too soon to say whether the Touch ID sensor will be mounted at the back or front of the phone. Nevertheless, reports point to a full display front on the iPhone 8. For more tech updates, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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