Apple Still Pushing Mar. 21 Event Amid Tension With FBI?

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Apple CEO Tim Cook

Apple is hosting a big launch event on March 21 even though the company is under heat with FBI over encryption issues. Apple has to face FBI in court on March 22, the very next day of its big event. Although Apple is completely aware of it, the brand has not stepped back. As we already know, Apple has showed the courage to say ?No? to the government when it was asked to unlock an iPhone linked to a San Bernardino terror attack. ?The same engineers who built strong encryption into the iPhone to protect our users would, ironically, be ordered to weaken those protections and make our users less safe,? Tim Cook, Apple CEO said, according to New York Times. The FBI was unable to check the information in Syed Rizwan Farook?s iPhone, who was killed by the police for the act of terrorism.

Apple is well known for protecting its customers privacy. The Justice Department is totally disappointed over Apple?s decision. ?It is unfortunate that Apple continues to refuse to assist the department in obtaining access to the phone of one of the terrorists involved in a major terror attack on U.S. soil,? Justice Department said. The issue of encryption is a hot topic of discussion in the US now. Rather than worrying about that, Apple is moving forward to launch its products on March 21. The Verge says that Apple CEO may not comment on the encryption dispute during the event. The big event will not touch on any political issue. It will be solely a launch event. Apple is consistently defending its decision on the encryption issue. In his interview, Apple CEO Tim Cook said he is ready to continue the legal fight. ?We would be prepared to take this issue all the way. Yes. Because I think it?s that important for America,? Cook said. He also upheld his commitment to customers. ?We did it to protect our customers? Cook added. The recent issue gave both positive and negative publicity to the brand. Few judged the company on the basis of national security. Apple?s big event will not only launch its brand new devices but also going to send an indirect message that the brand can cope with any kind of difficulties without compromising its ethics. ?

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