Apple’s Siri May Soon Recognize Your Own Voice

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Apple Siri will have voice pattern recognition

When Siri was unveiled to the world, Apple made the headlines. At the time, the digital personal assistant is the closest people can have to a talking computer. However, after just a few years, Siri was shoved to the background and was nearly forgotten. This led to it being outranked by other digital assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s Google Assistant. Now, Samsung has also jumped into the fray and introduced its own version of a personal digital assistant, the Bixby.

To some degree, it seems that Apple might have entirely forgotten about Siri. However, just recently, the company has updated the Mac OS X to include the famous digital assistant. While the support is not as extensive as the iPhone of iPad, it is still a good start. Now, a new report suggests that Apple will be pushing Siri’s capabilities a lot further. This time, it comes with a proper voice pattern recognition.

According to a recent patent filed by Apple, Siri might soon be able to recognize a voice pattern from the actual user. This will enable the digital assistant to differentiate the owner of the device from other people.

Apple Siri will have voice pattern recognition

iPhone with the Siri App (via thenextweb.com)

This patent was said to be brought about by the inherent security flaws of Siri. Right now, the iOS application does not distinguish a person from another person. This can lead to some unwanted access through the Siri app.

In addition to voice pattern recognition, the digital assistant will also be able to integrate other biometric features to provide added security. Apple intends to combine voice pattern recognition with iris scanning and fingerprint scanning to make access to an iOS device more restrictive. This will be done in the hopes of making the mobile operating system safer than ever.

At the moment, this is nothing but a patent filed by Apple. There are no assurances that the company will act upon this and make it into a reality. However, chances are, Apple is already working on one and could soon be released in the next iOS update. For more updates on Siri, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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