iOS 11 Release, Features: What to Expect from Apple’s Next iOS

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iOS 11 features

June is fast approaching an with it, rumors of an impeding iOS 11 reveal is ever growing. It has been speculated for a very long time now that Apple will introduce its latest iOS version during the Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, CA. The event which will run from the 5th to the 9th of June will unveil quite a number of new Apple products including iOS 11.

That said, many of you are probably curious as to how the iOS 11 will be different from the current version of the mobile OS. Here are some of the things to expect on Apple’s next generation mobile OS.

Siri in your messages

This feature was reported many months ago when an Israeli website claimed that Apple will include deeper Siri integration with iOS 11 iMessage app. This was then corroborated by a patent filed by Apple showing the integration of the Siri app within the iOS’ messaging application.

From the said patent, Siri will be able to make use of machine and contextual learning to offer suggestions based on the on-going conversation. For instance, if a user sends a message regarding a movie, it can suggest show various times from a local theatre.

iOS 11 features

Apple Siri app (via

Augmented reality and 64-bit support

Of course, this particular feature pertains to the iPhone 8. It is not a secret that the said phone will feature impressive specs including support for augmented reality applications.

The said feature will make use of the iPhone 8’s sensors including a couple of 3D cameras. The main feature of augmented reality is the 3D facial recognition. This feature is said to be far superior than the same technologies available on products in the market.

Another thing to get excited about iOS 11 is the full-featured support for 64-bit apps. In fact, Apple has already started moving towards 64-bit support starting with iOS 10.3. On the other hand, this means that older iPhones and iPads, like the iPhone 5 and iPad mini 2, might not get the upcoming iOS version when it releases.

New FaceTime features

According to a recent leak, iOS 11’s FaceTime app will include a group voice calling feature as well as defaulting to FaceTime for all audio calls made with an iPhone to another iPhone. On the other hand, the app will switch to standard cellular calls when the need arises.

iOS 11 features

Apple FaceTime app (via

New Automator app and Peer-to-Peer pay feature

Apple recently acquired a popular iOS automation app called Workflow. The said app can be used to make normal mundane applications a bit less tedious by automating them. It is rumored that Apple will include the said feature with its very own Automator app; something quite similar to the macOS Sierra app of the same name.

In addition to the Automator app, a third-party payment app called Waller will also be renamed as Pay. The app will also be included in iOS 11. This feature will enable peer-to-peer payment scheme for iPhone and iPad users.

iOS 11 unveiling and release date

At the moment, talks of a WWDC 2017 unveiling for iOS 11 is quite prominent. Almost all experts in the field claim that Apple might introduce the said mobile OS in June. The company has, however, released the beta version of iOS 11, albeit still unstable and not fill for daily use.

There is a strong chance that iOS 11 will get a September or October release just like the iPhone 8. Unfortunately, Apple is still confirm if this speculation holds any bearing at all. For more updates on iOS 11, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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