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Apple Shops Third Apple Machine Learning in Two Years

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Apple is benchmarking its capability in terms of data and machine learning. This is confirmed after the giant tech company brought TupleJump, an India/U.S.-based startup machine learning that specializes in the latter?s technology. In 2015, the company brought Perceptio and just few months ago, Turi.

TupleJump in its website prior to Apple?s acquisition says, ?A few years ago people realised that the volume of data that businesses generate was becoming unwieldy. A new set of technologies to handle these huge amounts of data cropped up. We were one of the early adopters of these big data technologies. Having helped Fortune 500 companies adopt these technologies we quickly realised how complicated they were and how much simpler they could get.?

This new action from Apple stems from its eagerness to stay in line with Google, Microsoft and Facebook?s machine learning capabilities. Despite Apple indirectly confirming the buyout, a representative from the company said, ?Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally don?t discuss our purpose or plans.?

Other Apple Machine Learning Acquisition

In August, Apple dominated the news when it shed ?155m for AI startup Turi. Both companies did not confirm the agreement, but the latter has since expanded and has seen more opportunities and resources since it merged with Apple.

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Turi?s website describes it as ?Turi toolkits simplify the development of machine learning models. Each incorporates automatic feature engineering, model selection and machine learning visualisations specific to the application. There is no faster way to build performant [sic] models.?

Turi also mentioned how their machine learning platform is able to cater to customer churn, fraud detection and sentiment analysis; all in the social media side. Basically, this time around, Apple is not shopping for threats surrounding its business, but rather on the idea to be able to compete with the others.

Unfortunately, TupleJump has since been removed from its home website, while Turi and Perceptio continue to expand under the keen eyes of the giant tech company.

Are you aware of these third party apps as part of the Apple company? Neither did we, but it pays to know the brains behind some of Apple?s most proficient softwares. For more Apple machine learning news, you can check us here on TheBitBag.


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