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Apple Servers: Out for a While, Back Again

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Pretty much everything has been said about Apple?s iOS. I personally have friends who swear by the OS and its capability to block out the nastiest of viruses, since it?s not as open source as the Windows OS or Google?s Android OS. It?s unbreakable, like a vault, but as it appears all good things do have a weakness. None was more obvious yesterday than Apple?s own, and it was unfortunate that many people were affected by it.

Apple fell into a hole yesterday, based on these reports.

As per C|Net, Apple faced some kind of trouble during Wednesday. How does Apple respond in the face of troubles like this, especially since it affected iTunes and the App Store? We?ll take a look at that. However, from this report by The Next Web, the problem has been resolved and the apps in question have been brought back online. We?ll see what Apple plans to make of this as they move along from the problems yesterday.

Apple?s iTunes goes down?

The Next Web?s article became a virtual track of what has been happening as iTunes? store went down.

With timely updates coming in during the outage, The Next Web managed to keep people abreast of what was happening. Apple iTunes and App Store were down, prompting people to look for a solution to their problem. Fortunately, Apple was still on hand to give a solution to the problem, with their people working non-stop to bring the site back, as per The Next Web. The DNS Error that was the cause of the problems has been resolved quickly in true Apple fashion.

There?s no telling what will happen moving on forward, however. The Internal DNS error could very well present itself again; fortunately, this experience might have taught Apple how to resolve this particular snag should it happen again.

?Comes back online

In C|Net?s own version of the problem, the Apple App Store and iTunes have both since come back online.

Apple?s system status page was the bringer of good news, as per C|Net. The App Store, iBooks Store, iTunes Store and the Mac App Store were still being brought back online as per the update, but as of 1:45 PT, all stores were working once again. It was the same as in Monday, said the C|Net article, but it was intentionally done to accommodate the ?Spring Forward? event.

It reminded people of what happened during the hacking of Cloud-based storages of actresses, in what has become known in online circles as the unfortunate ?Fappening?. Apple will be hard-pressed to ensure its customers that no such thing will happen once again.

Apple?s Resolve

Being a company that deals in the Internet and computers, so far Apple has done great in keeping iOS a tough nut to crack. However, accidents like this happening within their own server might tarnish that; it?s good for them to be on top of the situation as it happens, as this will only give positive results to them.


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