Apple vs Samsung: Which is the Better Brand?

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There will always be a war between Apple and Samsung.

These two electronics giants are constantly battling their way to the top, each releasing a new device every now and then. The problem starts when consumers decide to purchase a new gadget. The question always is: Which is the better brand? Apple or Samsung?


People will always have different views about the brands so I decided to compare their products according to the five most important things we always look for in a smartphone.



Is bigger always better?

If you love big screens, then I?m sure you?re a Samsung fan. The Samsung Galaxy Note III has a whopping 5.7 inch-screen while the Galaxy S4 is at 5 inches. Compared to these two, the iPhone 5s is tiny; it has a 4-inch display.

Big screens are good for people who like reading ebooks, watching movies and browsing websites with their phones. They are extremely useful for seeing details on pictures or graphics you don?t see usually with small screens. And for the gamers, it is always more comfortable to play on a bigger screen.

The Verdict: Samsung wins with bigger screens.



For music lovers like me, the audio feature is very important to me.

This is where Apple products are always winners. Apple?s speakers sound much crisper. Meanwhile, songs played on Samsung products sounded tinnier and less distinct. They may be louder than Apple?s but the quality is just not as good. The iPhone 5s boasts of a rich audio coming from its speaker.


The Verdict: Apple sounds better than Samsung.



Now this is a necessity for every smartphone owner ? good battery life.

Although there are powerbanks now available for purchase, it is still important to know which batteries last longer because their performance changes in the long run.

The iPhone 5s has a 1,560 mAh battery while the S4 has a 2,600 mAh battery. In regular mode, the S4 lasts 5 hours and 13 minutes. When it is in power-saving mode, it lasts 5 hours and 54 minutes. In both modes, the iPhone 5s lasts 5 hours and 46 minutes.


One important thing to note also is if you don?t have a powerbank, you can conveniently replace a Samsung product?s battery with a spare one.

The Verdict: Even though it?s a close fight, Samsung wins over Apple.



When it comes to applications and content, Samsung has the Play Store or Samsung Hub while Apple has the iTunes Store.

The Google Play store claims that it has over 700,000 apps while iTunes has 525,000. But numbers aren?t everything. Sure, the Play Store does have 700,000 apps, but most of these are only available on phones and not always in tablets. Also, because of developer support, Apple has unique and compelling apps that are not always available for Android devices. These apps are exclusive to iOS, at least, for now.


ITunes also has better music, video and book?selections.

The Verdict: Plenty doesn?t necessarily mean better. Apple wins this round.



Both cameras of the iPhone 5s and S4 have become better. They both have a new set of features for users to enjoy from creative filters to dual camera modes.

But when it comes to image quality, Apple wins hands down to Samsung. Apple?s camera has better color accuracy, contrast and flash photography. Try taking pictures with both Android and Apple phones and see for yourself.


The Verdict: Samsung gives attention to details, but overall, pictures just look better with an iPhone.



This aspect depends upon the user.

But for high-end devices, Samsung gives more reasonable prices. Let?s face it, they?re just more inexpensive and more convenient for consumers. You get more than what you pay for.

The Verdict: Samsung is the way to go if you?re big on savings.


Overall, Apple is best for those who want fast performance, the best apps and a superior camera. But if bigger is better for you, in terms of display and features, then Samsung is your champ.



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