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Apple Rumors: iPod Touch 2017, 7th Generation Gadget Could Have iPhone Upgrades

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iPod Touch 2017

It took three years for Apple to release the 6th-generation iPod Touch. While it came with the best features, it didn’t bode well for users who are looking forward to the 7th-generation of the device. Since Apple released the latest model in 2016, it’s doubtful the successor will be ever made this year. It could take a few years again before the company updates the iPod line, but there are already predictions of what it could offer should it hit the shelves soon.

When the tech giant made the most recent Apple iPod Touch, they used the technology of previous iPhones. For instance, the 6th-gen model had the performance specs of an iPhone 5 and came with the Apple A8 chip found in iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Its design may not be similar to the smartphone line, but the latest iPod model was on par with the iPhone 6 which is quite impressive for an iPod. That said, many are expecting for Apple to keep this tradition for the iPod Touch 7.

Touch ID

Among the most requested features for the successor is the Touch ID, which enables users to unlock the device using their fingerprints. We can recall that the technology has become a standard for the iPhone since its inclusion in the iPhone 5S. It’s about time the tech giant incorporates the feature to its iPod line which could very well debut on the rumored iPod Touch 2017.

Apple Pay

Should this materialize, Apple Pay can be employed in the media player. This is definitely a nifty feature for users to have on the iPod touch, which already offers the Wallet facility to store credit card information.

At this point, the mobile payment method is only compatible with iPhones, select iPads, and the Apple Watch. The company has not revealed any plans of bringing the service to the upcoming 7th-gen iPod Touch. However, as more people are starting to opt using contactless payment options, its integration on the rumored device isn’t far-fetched.

iPod Touch 2017Apple

iPod Touch 2017: Apple Pay is only compatible with iPhones, select iPads, and the Apple Watch at this point.

Dual Camera Setup & More

People are also expecting improvements on the camera of the next iPod Touch. Given the popularity of dual cameras nowadays, many believe Apple should include it on the 7th-gen to keep up with the times. There are also talks of a bigger screen, wireless charging, and GPS support for the next model.

But again, these are merely predictions. The release of the 7th-gen iPod Touch remains indefinite to date. Some tech outlets do not expect any update this year, considering the iPod line’s declining sales in recent years which can be attributed to customers’ aggressive shift to smartphones. So, as usual, we’ll have to sit back and wait for any announcement. We’ll be sure to update you, though, once they do.

What features do you want to see on the rumored iPod Touch 2017? Do you think we’ll get the upgrade this year? Sound off in the comments below!

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