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iOS Update: Apple Releases Yet Another Update, This Time With iOS 9.3.5

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iOS 9.3.3 Jailbreak

Barely a month since the last update roll out, Apple has began issuing updated notices for its iOS devices. The new update, iOS 9.3.5, has come out just twenty days after the previous update. For some people who grow tired of constant updates, it seems that this one is something everyone will be thankful for.

Ten days ago, a high-security risk bug was discovered by Bill Marczak and John Scott-Railton, researchers at Citizen Lab. This bug enables hackers to install a malware, dubbed Pegasus, to a user?s phone by merely clicking a link. The malware, which originated from Israeli hackers who goes by the name NSO Group, is sent to unsuspecting victims through SMS. In the said SMS is a link and if a user clicks it, the malware will install itself. This exploit is know to be virtually invisible. Users may not even know that their conversation are being recorded and their location tracked.

This bug can read messages and emails, track calls and contacts and even collect passwords.

According to the report filed by Motherboard:

?We realized that we were looking at something that no one had ever seen in the wild before. Literally a click on a link to jailbreak an iPhone in one step. One of the most sophisticated pieces of cyberespionage software we?ve ever seen.?

iOS 9.3.5 update

iOS 9.3.5

NSO Group was established back in 2010. Since then, it has developed a name in providing malware for cyberespionage. Most of its clients are governments that need to target mobile phones in their investigations. The company is very secretive when it comes to their products and services. It does not market its technology the way normal companies do. For one, it does not even own a website and media contact is somewhat next to nothing.

Immediately after discovering the security flaw, Marczak and Scott-Railton reported it to Apple. Apple then worked right away for a new patch which they released yesterday.

iOS users a thereby urged to update their devices as soon as possible. This security flaw can pose a huge amount of risk to its user.

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